10 Reasons Why eBooks Have Made Reading Super Easy

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If you love reading, then you must try out ebooks.

Reading is one of the greatest passions in this world, and is a very healthy one indeed. We like to read books during our leisure, while travelling and even before sleeping. Irrespective of whether you are a voracious reader or a casual one, books are very likely an indispensable friend that you have in your life.

Some books are just to be too heavy to be carried around. The problem becomes bigger when you have to carry multiple books around. While travelling, this increases the weight of your luggage and you may often be forced to abandon certain books to stay within the permissible weight limit. Storing these books also requires you to buy bookshelves which occupy space in your house which you could have otherwise utilized for other purposes.

Nowadays, all these problems get solved if you switch to ebooks. These are books which are available in electronic format. I use ebooks extensively for the sheer convenience that they offer. While many classical booklovers argue that ebooks can never replace the thrill of turning the leaves of a real book, I find these to be quite handy. I can easily download an ebook of my choice into my computer, laptop or a mobile device like and read it anywhere, whenever I want to. An ebook has a table of contents and pictures and graphics that give me the feel of a real book.

10 ways in which eBooks score over printed books:

1. They are portable:

One the primary reason why ebooks have gained immense popularity over printed books is due to its portability. For me this very important. If I wish to read the recipe that I want to cook or read the latest novel written by my favourite author, I just need to download it and save it in my iPad or Kindle without having to worry about its weight.

2. Space optimization:

Since these are available in electronic format, you do not need any physical space to store ebooks. Thousands of books of your choice can be stored in your kindle, Iphone, tablet, smartphone or any other ebook reader. The space that you can free up by digitizing your library or shelf of books can then be utilized for other purposes.

3. Accessible:

The technological advancements have enabled us to read our favorite ebooks in train or bus or a plane and even while standing. Be it remote area far away from your place or a different country, you can easily access your ebook. If the internet facility available is good, then you can purchase an ebook whenever you want to, and download it.

4. Informative:

Ebooks bring information to your fingertips. You can browse by the index, search and even flip through the pages electronically to access the information contained in it.

5. Eco-friendly

Books are printed on paper, which is produced by cutting trees.  This harms the environment, and leads to an ecological imbalance. Ebooks, on the other hand, are available in a digital format, and do not harm the environment at all.

6. Screen responsiveness

Ebooks adapt themselves according to the screen size of your device. You can also zoom in and zoom out freely. This reduces the eye strain that is caused while reading text printed in small letters. For those with a weak eyesight or any other eye problem, this facility comes as a boon. Most e-book readers contain the facility of reading out the text to you. So, if you are not in a mood to read, then listen to your e-book!

7. Printable

If you wish to read the ebook the way you read the paper books, you can simply take a printout of the ebook. It’s easy and convenient too!

8. Interactive:

These are ebooks that are available with audio, video and certain animations. You can easily download them to enhance the quality of the ebook reading. The author can also convey their thoughts about the book to make it more understandable.

9. Searchable:

Searching or browsing through eBooks are very easy as compared to that of a normal book. In a normal book, you’re required to turn page after page in order to search an information. But in eBooks, you can search any kind of information that you need through a quick search.

10. Easy delivery

Ebooks are easily delivered to you digitally, instantly. On the net, there are various places where you get free and premium PDF ebook downloads. The Project Gutenberg is a great place to start. You just need to browse to the list and at the press of a button the PDF will get downloaded. This saves you time for going to the bookstore to buy the book or wait for the delivery.

Kindles are the best eBook readers

The Amazon Kindles are the world leader when it comes to ebook readers. Amazon was the pioneer in the ebook space, and today the Kindles have gained popularity like no other ebook readers have ever gained. You can buy a Kindle, carry it along with you to wherever you go, and read your favorite ebooks whenever you are free.

Many schools are also encouraging students to use Kindle ebook readers to make learning easy. Students can be educated in a fun way using the Kindles.

The new generation of Kindles are fast, pack a lot of storage and the battery lasts long enough for you to finish reading a book or two.

Getting the Kindle eBooks

Buying ebooks for Kindle is super easy. There is a thriving marketplace for Kindle ebooks, and you can buy your favourite books in the electronic form from there. At present, over 3 million ebooks are available, and the number keeps growing everyday. Ebooks are cheaper than the regular printed books, and are the format of choice for many authors now.

In fact, many books are written only in the Kindle ebook format these days. So if you want to read these books, you will definitely need a Kindle.

So buy a Kindle from Amazon, your it yourself, or gift it to your child to develop his/her reading habits. This is one of the best purchases you can make!

Do you use an eBook? Let us know what is your favourite reason for choosing it, and how it has made reading easy for you.

Priyanka Kundu is the Creative Head of SocioGenie. She is a movie buff, an excellent cook, and a mother of two children. Priyanka writes on topics related to lifestyle, travel, and parenting.

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  1. That’s some very good information on e-books. Thanks for the information as I had not much of a notion on the issue, hence desisted from reading an e-book.
    Secondly, another reason for reading an e-book is that I do not have to go to sell my old books that I have already read several times, that are occupying space and attracting fungus just as well.
    Once again, thanks for the information.


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