Ideas For Making Handmade Gifts On Teachers’ Day

handmade gifts

On this┬áTeachers’ Day, I would like to share a memory with you.

I vividly remember the Teachers’ Day of 2005 when I was in class 5. I had given each of my teachers a piece of paper with few lines written about them above some scribbles. Now, the reason I remember this decade-old day is very close to my heart.

While my classmates gave the teachers fancy cards with glitters and gold, it was my handwritten piece of paper that found its place in our school magazine.

You must be wondering why I told you this. The reason is quite simple. If your child is asking you to buy gifts for his/her teacher, say NO. Instead encourage him/her to make one. From a simple card coloured with crayons to a handmade photo frame, everything that your child makes with his/her own hands becomes priceless for the teachers in front of the expensive gifts that are picked up from the gift shop.

Ideas for perfect handmade gifts for Teachers’ Day:


Card Making1. Cards

Things you need: A4 sheet, pencil, eraser, ruler, colors.

Tell your child to pour his creativity on the blank A4 sheet and pen down his/her feeling for the teachers. Do not tell him/her what to draw. Let his/her imagination flow as he/she comes up with something that would be prized by all the teachers.


Glass Painting2. Glass Painting:

Things you need: A round-edged piece of glass, glass-painting colours.

Instead of a handmade card, you could opt for a handmade glass painting. Creative and colourful, glass painting are an ideal gift for the teachers who teach us to look at the brighter side of life.


3. A bottled plant:

Things you need: An empty plastic or a glass bottle, a sapling, soil. Your child might need your help in making this. Take an empty bottle and insert a sapling in it. Carefully insert some soil and you have your Bottled Plant.

On this Teachers’ Day teach your children the joy of giving. Let them make handmade gifts for their teachers. Once their effort gets appreciated, there will be no looking back. If you want some more ideas to choose from, this article┬áhas some great suggestions for you.

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