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Living is all about satisfying oneself with all the basic requirements. Food, shelter, clothes are what we call as our basic requirement in a day to day life. We learn new things every day to make our lifestyle better.

Did you ever think shoes can be one of an essential part of our living?

A pair of shoes makes all the difference but if it isn’t a pair it becomes useless.

This story shows us the reality of our living and also teaches us the art of giving.

A pair of torn slippers are definitely better than those shining new shoes, the heart of giving is what changes the scenario of living life in a better way. This video has inspired me to learn the art of giving. Giving gives immense joy and pleasure which can bring up your sad and gloomy day.

Incorporate the art of giving in your lifestyle

Do you like receiving gifts?

The joy of giving gives instant happiness. Those who gives receive joy and that joy is their reward in life. life is a book fill up yours with interesting stories of giving will help you to grow later in your journey .

“Life is a journey let it be long,

If you love someone don’t let go but hold on.

Every day is a new day, every day is a new dream;

Once a while learn the art of giving.

A smile won’t cost you millions of dollars,

Then smile and repair every heart that’s bothered.

Each day why just survive?

Let’s make it larger than life.”


Start each day with something inspiring, that can motivate you to change your lifestyle. This in turn can bring a sea of changes in someone else’s life, which will give you immense pleasure and joy in your heart.

Wouldn’t you want to welcome each day with a joyful heart?

  1. Ashika Ghosh says

    Each day why just survive?
    Let’s make it larger than life.
    These lines not just touched my heart but also the article motivated me to share and care. Hope,to read more more of your articles.

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