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5 Smart Ideas To Save Electricity In The Summer

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The summer temperatures across the country are soaring, and so are electricity bills. You are left with little options to save electricity. With the temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, you feel like switching on everything in the house which can make you a little cooler. Day and night the AC is running in full swing and so is the fan. And the fridge obviously can’t stop.

All you can do is mourn a day or two after receiving the electricity bill, curse the electricity power utility and pay the bill even though it digs a huge hole in your pocket. You will also run the AC a little less for a few days and then everything gets back to normal. And the cycle continues.

Let this summer be an exception. Follow SocioGenie’s five simple and easy to follow tips to save electricity and surprise your power supplier at the end of the month:

Idea 1: Save electricity by switching off and unplugging devices:

We often remove the mobile from the charger and pay no attention to switching it off or unplugging the charger. We also keep the microwave switch on the whole day even if it’s not un use. Do you know that switches, while they are, on drain power even if the appliance is not running.  Yes, the amount of such electricity waste is low but a drop at a time makes an ocean. Switching off will really help.

Idea 2: Pay Attention to your Air Conditioner:

Air Conditioner is the single most contributor to the hole in your pocket. Really. Not because you run it all the time during summer, it’s also because although you service your Air Conditioner once a year, it needs some more attention. Air conditioners need attending to regularly. This does not mean you have to call the servicing guy regularly. Once a fortnight, take off the front cover of the air conditioner and take out the mesh inside. Dry clean the mesh with a shoe brush and see the difference. It will not only cool faster, it will consume much less energy, and save electricity significantly.

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Idea 3: Clean the fan blades:

Like your air conditioner, your fan needs attention to. What’s the harm in looking after things which are your lifeline in the summer? Clean the blades of the fan regularly, they will consume less power.

Idea 4: Sun dry the clothes:

Do you know the maximum power that your washing machine consumes is while drying the clothes? The logic is simple, it not only has to operate, it has to produce hot air to dry the fabrics. In summer, when the AC and the fan is indispensable, avoid the dryer and sun-dry your clothes. If you ask us, it is better to sun dry your clothes all the time. The hot air produced during drying in the washing machine harms the fabric and affects the color.

Idea 5: Eat fresh food:

Surprised? It’s true. If you eat freshly cooked food, your microwave has to run lesser and you save on the electricity bill. Simple! Here are some recipes for healthy summer food to get you started with this.

Try these five simple tips and let us know if they help. Spread the word if they do.

Also, keep watching this space for more tips about surviving this year’s harsh summer.

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