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Handy Financial Tips For Housewives

Saving money requires efforts, but is not as tough as you think. Here are some useful financial tips which will help housewives to save efficiently.

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Do you find it difficult to strike a balance between how much money you save and how much you end up spending every month? Is limiting yourself to a monthly budget even more difficult for you? Then let me tell you, you are not alone in this sticky situation. Almost all of us, at some point in time, have had the trouble of not being able to save as much as we plan to.

However, everyone needs to save money for the future. There is no exception to this rule!

Being a housewife, it becomes even more important to spend money economically considering the various responsibilities that you shoulder. To speak the truth, the practice of saving money is not as difficult as we think it to be. The main reason we often spend too much and save too little is that we end up buying a lot of things that are not actually necessary. If you think you, too, are unable to save money then we have some effective financial tips for you to make saving money easy for you.

Some Handy Financial Tips For Housewives

1. Record your expenses:

If you are trying to save money, then you need to put into practice these money saving financial tips. The easiest to follow out of all the ways is to keep a track of how much you spend on every little thing. Maintain a copy where you note down every detail of your expenditure in a day and limit yourself to a weekly budget depending on how much you intend to save.

2. Make a shopping list:

Whenever you go shopping in a supermarket, make sure to have a list ready with you. Amidst millions of attractive items, you would be lost and end up buying more than you need. But if you have a shopping list, then this expenditure would not arise. Be determined to religiously abide by the list and you will definitely see results at the month’s end.

3. Do not get overwhelmed by offers:

You may think that buying two units to get one free is a good way to save money. Actually, it is. But only when you are in real need of the things that is on offer. Otherwise, you will become just another victim of a delusive offer. While you shop, do not buy everything that you get at a cheaper rate or with a free product. Buy what you need.

4. Get yourself a Piggy Bank:

No, I am not joking! If you add up the value of the coins and notes for a year that you get back from the vendors or shopkeepers it will be quite a significant amount. But wait! Where did you keep the Rs. 15 that the greengrocer gave you yesterday? We often do not keep a track of the money that we receive after a transaction, especially if the amount is on the lower side. Getting yourself a box or bag to put in whatever you get back after buying will help you save a little every day. In fact, the little ones would also learn how to save money if they see you saving it in your own piggy bank.

5. Keep an eye on the “expiry date”:

While buying medicines or packet food, we pay extra attention to the date of expiry. But often we skip that process while we buy vegetables or fruits. If you buy them for immediate consumption then always go for the ripe ones. Otherwise, choose the ones that are slightly unripe. In this way, you can make sure that the fruits and vegetables never get rotten, and you do not end up spending for fresh ones again.

6. Grow your own vegetable garden:

This sounds a little difficult but with a little patience you can grow your own organic kitchen garden, and save the fortune that you spend on exotic herbs and veggies. Growing your own vegetable garden is one of the best ways to save money. This would be a one-time investment and with regular care, you would be consuming garden-fresh produce with no money spent. You could have the expensive herbs like thyme, fennel, mint, basil and so much more in your own kitchen. Read this article to get started with your own garden tomorrow!

7. Replace Feast with Potluck:

Have you spent more than you intended to this month and you still have to host a dinner party for your friends? Then change it to a potluck where every guest would bring a dish prepared by him/her. Ask your friends if they are willing to opt for a potluck party and if they do then it will save you some effort and money as well. Remember not to turn every party into a potluck or you could be tagged as a not-so-good hostess.

8. Make your own coffee:

Do you and your family often go for a dine out and end up spending a lot of money? Try putting on the apron and go cooking. Involve the little ones in some mixing and pouring to make it a fun process. This experience will be no less amazing than an expensive dinner at a restaurant.

9. Walk the mile:

This tip will help you to stay fit and save money at the same time. Do not always call a cab or get your own car if you have the option of availing public transport. If you are traveling a short distance, then walk. Walking a little will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Saving money with these financial tips will not always deprive you of your wants. You just need to cut off your expenses on the things that you think you need but you do not. Not wasting things is another way of saving money. Try to inculcate the habit of saving money in the little ones around you. When they do it along with you, I guarantee that you will feel inspired to put in that extra effort to save more.

With these easy to follow financial tips, save a significant amount of money and pamper yourself with the pair of boots that you always wanted to buy! If you find out any other way of saving money, do let us know.

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