10  Different Types Of Pasta For You To Try

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Angel Hair

This type of pasta noodles is the thinnest and resembles strands of hair, hence the name. It has an exceptionally fine texture which makes it quite easy to cook.  

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This roll is usually filled with a variety of fresh veggies like carrots, onions, bell pepper, and cabbage, and tastes best with sweet chili dip.

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A variety of thin, long egg noodles. It is very simple to boil because of its linear shape and tastes amazing with Alfredo or any thick sauce. 

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It is one of the most popular forms of pasta. It’s remarkably simple to look at yet it has delivered the best recipes of all time (Hint: Mac n Cheese). 

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Penne Pasta 

Penne Rigate is a popular & quick-cooking type of pasta. The tube-shaped pizza crust has diagonal cuts for stability & is a great platform for toppings.

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Pillow-shaped ravioli can be filled with whatever filling you desire. Fill it with any type of ingredient and it will taste great.

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A small, ear-shaped type of pasta. Its name comes from the Italian word for "little ears." 

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Gnocchi is a soft and tiny pasta made from a batter consisting of eggs, potato, and flour. It goes well with all kinds of sauces and tastes delicious even when baked. 

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Can be prepared in various ways, depending on their size. Smaller shells go well with soups and broths, medium ones are best for casseroles, and large ones are used for baking with stuffing.

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Means ‘butterfly’ in Italian and it is named so because of its ‘bowtie’ shape. It can taste amazing as a cold pasta salad or even as a dressing for a bowl of warm vegetable soup.

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