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SocioGenie is a general interest multi-author blog featuring interesting articles and updates on lifestyle, travel, technology and finance.

The idea behind developing SocioGenie was to feature interesting culinary treats, ideas for better, product reviews and financial literacy that can be understood and enjoyed by everyone. It is a blog for you, written by people like you.

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Shweta Shaw

Shweta Shaw was born and raised in Kolkata in the beautiful state…

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Bikash Gupta

Bikash Gupta is a B.Com Graduate (Marketing) from St. Xaviers…

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Ankita Choudhury

Ankita is a Digital Marketing enthusiast who loves to explore and…

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Susrita Deb

Susrita is always eager to learn and explore new things. She…

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Anshu Priya

Anshu is a Digital Marketing Intern at Inovaticus Marketing…

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Rushil Banerjee

Rushil Banerjee is a Digital Marketing Intern at Inovaticus…

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Pratyusha Ghosh

Pratyusha is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast who is always eager…

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Shalini Das

Shalini is a digital marketing professional. She loves to smile…

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Srijani Ghatak

Srijani is a techie by profession, and a literary enthusiast by…

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Sulagna Pakrasi

Sulagna is a literature lover and a dedicated doodle artist since…

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S. Varshini

S. Varshini is a student of finance pursuing Chartered…

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Amrita Kundu

Amrita Kundu is a marketing professional with avid interest in…

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Arijit Coondoo

Dr Arijit Coondoo is an eminent physician, specializing in…

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Priyanka Kundu

Priyanka Kundu is the Co-founder and Creative Director of…

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Anirban Kundu

Anirban Kundu is the CEO of Inovaticus Marketing Solutions LLP.…

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SocioGenie is a lifestyle blog that features interesting articles…

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