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10 Unusual Destinations In India For Your Winter Vacation

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Do you get excited when December approaches, marking the beginning of the festive season and  the arrival of winter? I certainly do! I simply love the idea of traveling to lesser known places during my winter vacation, and make happy memories.

Winter is a captivating season for many, as it gives us an opportunity to travel without having to worry about the heat and sweat. Needless to say, as the month of December approaches, the peak season for tourism starts in India.

Winter is one of the best time to explore India. The country is blessed with natural and geographical diversity, and has a large number of places to visit. Starting from the snow laden mountain peaks to tropical beaches, vast plains and hot deserts, there is some place for everyone  wishing to spend their winter vacation in this beautiful country.

A long winter vacation during the holiday season is something everyone looks forward to. So, here are some of the best holiday destinations in India for you to explore:

Must Travel Destinations For Your Next Winter Vacation:

1. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh


Dharamshala is one of the most popular destination for winter vacation travelers, as it is a paradise for nature lovers,photographers, and camping lovers. The Dalai Lama has showcased Dharmashala as a spiritual centre of Buddhism. The hill station is split into lower Dharamshala and upper Dharamshala, which is known as McLeod Ganj. Famous attractions include Kangra Fort, Bhagsunag Fall, Tsuglagkhang Complex, Tibet Museum, Naam Art Gallery, Dharamkot and Kunal Pathari Temple.You can visit Dharamshala is from the month of January to May and October to December.

2. Auli: Uttarakhand


Auli is a ski destination located in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand.It is one of the less explored hill stations. Here skiing is a major pastime. It proves to be a perfect venue for the daring. If you are an adventure freak, then winter is the best time to visit. Skiing is perfect in the period from late November to late March. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam conducts 7-day and 15-day courses for both amateurs and advanced learners from December to March.

3. Mylapore, Tamil Nadu


Mylapore better known as Thirumayilai is a cultural hub of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the oldest residences. It is the home of the musical organizations. December is mainly focused on arranging numerous musical concerts called Kacheri. The artists mainly perform Carnatic music. Those who love music can visit The Parthasarathi Swami Sabha during the winter holidays. Apart from music Mylapore offers famous eateries like Rayars Mess, Sri Karpagambal Kabali Sweet Stall (for its pagodas), Kalathy News Mart (Rose Milk), Mami Tiffen Shop.

4. Devikulam, Kerala


Devikulam is a small hill station in Kerala. It lies a little ahead of Munnar. This place is mainly famous for The Sita Devi Lake. This lake contains minerals. A large number of tourists come here because of its healing power. Other places of attraction include Pallivasal Falls, Thoovanam Falls, Tea and Spice plantations etc. If you want to spend your winter holiday in the midst of the falls and tea gardens then do visit Devikulam.

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5. Chitrakote falls, Chattisgarh

Chitrakote falls

The Chitrakote Falls, often regarded as the Niagara Falls of India is the largest waterfall in India. It is located at 38 km to the west of Jagdalpur. The presence of the rainbow also adds to the scenic beauty here. If you are someone who wants to explore the thrill and the spellbound beauty of this gigantic fall, Chitrakote Falls is your place in the winter holidays.

6. Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi Stupa

The Buddhist Vihara is situated in the Sanchi town in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. It stands as an evidence of the golden Buddhist age of Emperor Ashoka. The Ashokan Pillar found in this Great Stupa has amazing architectural design and balance. You may plan your visit to Sanchi anytime between the months of October and March. In the month of November, Sanchi celebrates Chethiyagiri Vihara festival. As a part of the rituals of the festival two relics of Gautam Buddha’s early disciples are displayed. Accommodation is easily available at Sanchi.

7. Mirik, West Bengal


Mirik is a breathtaking tourist spot situated in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. Because of its easy accessibility, climate, and natural beauty, this place has become immensely popular. The wild flowers, lovely lake, the raising forests of Cryptomaria Japanica trees fills Mirik with tropical bliss.The Sumendu Lake is ideal for activities like boating and fishing but not for swimming. The temple of Singha Devi or the Devi Sthan. Deosi Dara is a vantage point in Mirik. Rameetay Dara is ideal for watching the spectacular sunset and the sunrise beside the mountains and plains of Mirik. The picnic spot of Dudhia whose beauty attracts several tourists and nature lovers is at 30 km from Mirik.

8. Dawki, Meghalaya


Dawki is a town located in the West Jaintia Hill district of Meghalaya. This two shares boundary with our brother nation of Bangladesh. Umngot river is the center of attraction in this place. Boating in this river is an unforgettable experience. The water is crystal clear giving an everlasting pleasure. If you are really fascinated by water, Dawki is the place to enjoy.

9. Khimsar Sand Dunes Village, Rajasthan

Khimsar Sand Dunes Village

Khimsar is a small settlement perched on the edge of The Thar desert in Rajasthan. It is accessible only by jeeps or camel or horseback. This village has a water body with striking oasis. The soothing beauty of the desert is incomparable. The village has a royal ambience. The main attractions include Sand dunes village, Khimsar Fort, Dhawa Doli Wildlife sanctuary. Sachchiyamata temple, Panchala Black Buck reserve, Nagaur fort etc. The Nagaur festival is the largest festival here. Months from November till March is the ideal time to visit here. If you want to get treated like the Royals, visit this Land of the Maharajas.

10. Rann of Kutch, Rajasthan

Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann Of Kutch is a home of the great variety of flora and fauna. Kutch offers three-month long festival called Rann Utsav attracting thousands of people to this white desert. The beauty of the Rann increases when people wearing colorful, ethnic wear, perform folk dance and music during the Rann Utsav. The specialties of Kutch, Gujarat, India include The folk textiles, exquisite embroidery, Bandhani sarees, traditional ornaments and mirror work.

So, make your winter vacation memorable by planning a trip to the above destinations. You will certainly enjoy the trip and get a memorable experience that your family will remember for a long time.

*Image source: Wikimedia Commons and other sources on the Internet.

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