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5 Ways To Bring Harmony To Your House With Feng Shui

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People who wish to live comfortably and harmoniously look for various ways to make sure that their house brings them peace and prosperity. One very popular way to bring peace and harmony is through the use of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a philosophy that originated in China thousands of years ago. But of late, it has become very popular in many other Asian, European and American countries. Many homebuyers in these countries are even refusing to buy homes that are not Feng Shui compliant. This has put the Feng Shui practitioners in these countries hot in demand.

Feng Shui analyses the various items that are present in the house and the way they are placed. According to it, your surroundings should be conducive enough for you to have positive energy that will enable you to act in a positive manner and. It says that how you place the household items, and maintain your house affects your mental health, your relationships as well as your work.

How to bring harmony to your home with Feng Shui:

According to it, there are five important ways that can help in bringing harmony in your home:

1. Get rid of the door noise:

Whether you are entering or going out of your home, if the main door of the house makes noise then it becomes quite distressing for you. Feng Shui believes that when your main door cries, it leads to a lot of stress and is not good for the well-being of the people of the house. It is advisable to have the door repaired at the earliest so that it does not affect the mood of the people.

2. Keep your bathroom door closed

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In Feng Shui, water is associated wealth. It says that if water flows out of your home, then eventually you may start losing wealth. So it is advisable that you close the cover of the toilet seat and the door of your bathroom of your house. This would help in not only bringing in the wealth but also in reducing the outflow.

3. Position your furniture properly

You can bring about harmony in your house, if you place the important furniture in some commanding positions in the rooms. The bed in your bedroom is one furniture where you spend a lot of time. It is essential to place your bed in a way so that you are able to see the door of your bedroom. The bed should be placed in such a way that it should not be in line with the door. Either you may place your bed diagonally to the door or you may use some mirrors so that you have a clear visibility of the door.

4.Clean your Windows

Remember to keep your windows clean. This helps in bringing light into your home. Positivity of the house enhances when there is light. In Feng Shui, windows symbolize our eyes to the world. If you clean the windows, then you can clearly see what is going around you in your surroundings. This also helps to keep your perspective and perception clear.

5. Clear the clutter

According to Feng Shui, clutter leads to stagnation and negativity in your life. It drains the energy from you and causes hindrances for any positivity to enter you. In your home, anything that is not of your use, or you do not like, is called clutter. You need to immediately get rid of this clutter so that the positivity and harmony of your house is maintained.

These are just a few of the recommendations that Feng Shui gives us. To get a complete understanding of the philosophy, here are some good books on the subject that you can read.

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