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Following the grand success of iPhone 6 which was launched two years back,  Apple released their much awaited new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, 2016. With a few added features and a couple of new accessories, their prices start at a whopping Rs. 60,000 for the iPhone 7, while the Plus version is going to cost you at least Rs. 90,000.

Raised your eyebrows? Well, you mustn’t. Not at least before you know what exactly are you paying the price for. If you cannot understand all those technical terms or professional expressions regarding the features and specifications, go through this blog. It will equip you with all that you need to know before deciding whether or not the price is justified for the iPhone 7 features that you will get.

So, what is the thing that you mostly use your phone for? Taking pictures? Playing games? Listening to music? Or using it as a phone for calling and messaging purpose? Whatever your need is, here are all the iPhone 7 features explained to you in a simple way.

1. The Screen of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Who doesn’t want a phone that looks good? But if you want a phone that looks big, then iPhone 7 is not your cup of tea. The quality of display is one of the iPhone 7 features that Apple has really worked upon. The iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7-inch display while the iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch display. Both the sizes are not quite impressive when we have 6-inch phones in the market priced at under Rs.20000. But what makes up for the display is its high resolution of 750 x 1334 with pixel density as high as 326 per inch. This means that there will be 326 pixels  in every inch of the screen which would definitely take the viewing and gaming experience to a whole new level. To add to this, the screen is fingerprint- resistant and it will not break if it falls! With quite a few fall tests, you may let go the worry of having a crack on your screen at the first drop. But then, try not to let it fall!

2. The new home screen:

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One very clever change that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have introduced is that there are no physical home buttons. Instead, there is a touch-based home button which sends a vibration to your finger when you touch it and clicks like a button. But the new home screen comes with a serious disadvantage. You can not access it with gloves on. There are gloves in the market which let you use the iPhone 7 or any touch-screen phone when you wear them. But it surely seems to be a problem, especially in cold places.

3. No headphone jack:

Unlike its predecessors, there is no headphone jack in either iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. All you can use to make hands-free calls are a pair of lightening ear pods. However, you have the option to use an adapter that will cost you around Rs.600. Apple has also introduced wireless earplugs that automatically pair with an iPhone and have the option of being used with other phones as well. But then again they will cost you a good Rs.10,000.

4. Camera quality:

The cameras are two more iPhone 7 features that justify the high price to a large extent. The newly redesigned 12-megapixel camera attached to these phones is probably is the best experience you will have if you upgrade from any former version of iPhone to this one.    For the first time, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with two primary cameras! The first one has 28 mm (equivalent) lens which is the same for both iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus. The second camera which is exclusive to iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 56 mm (equivalent) lens which has     2 x optical zoom. This ensures that you capture objects or persons at a greater distance without having to sacrifice the image quality. You can switch between the two cameras by tapping on different magnification.

Another thing about these marvellous gadgets is that they have optical image stabiliser. And do you know what this means? No more blurry images! Every shot you take will be sharp, saturated and well contrasted and well detailed even in low light conditions.

The best thing about iPhone 7 Plus is the addition of faux-bokeh. This is a premium feature available in some high-end graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop. This ensures that your photographs have the quality of a DSLR click with blurred background against a prominent subject.

5. A quick look at the new additions and up-gradations:

With the good old Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, these phones also come in Black and the brand new Jet Black.

The iPhone 7 is fully spill resistant. You need not worry if your phone lands in the sink while you are doing the dishes, or  you get caught in a downpour as brief submersion will not cause any damage at all.

These two devices offer the best battery life among all the iPhones out there. Like the previous versions, this one comes with a wireless charging pad.

The front camera is upgraded to a 7 megapixel FaceTime HD camera which lets you take better selfies and make clearer video calls.

Overall, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a familiar phone design, notable camera quality  and excellent screen resolutions. With fast charging, options and a home button that doesn’t  click, these iPhone 7 features make them worth every penny you pay. The only drawback is that there is no headphone jack, which can, in a way, be made up for with the touch sensitive wireless ear pods.

If you are a nerd, you can read about all the technical specifications and other iPhone 7 features on Apple’s website. If you want to buy it soon, visit Amazon or Ebay and get an imported one delivered directly to your doorstep!

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