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A Bengali Saree Can Make You Look Great On Every Occasion

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Wearing an exquisitely designed Bengali Saree is a sure shot way to turn a few heads, and become the topic of discussion in any festivity, formal occasion or even an informal party that you attend. While most of these sarees sport a traditional look, you can wear them in many fashionable ways to look trendy and elegant at the same time.

Though the Bengali Sarees are mainly produced in Eastern India and Bangladesh, you can now easily buy them from e-commerce websites and online stores of many saree sellers from anywhere in the world and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

Bengali Saree has been a hot favourite among women for centuries

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The tradition of weaving of these Bengali Sarees had originated centuries back in undivided Bengal and its adjoining areas. After the partition of Bengal happened in 1947, many weavers decided to stay in their countries, and the others crossed the borders. This initiated an exchange of knowledge and techniques with the other weavers of the area where they settled. As a result, today you can find many Sarees which originated in Bangladesh being women in West Bengal and vice-a-versa.

So, let us look at some of the most popular varieties which you can easily buy online. Without a Bengali Saree, your wardrobe will look incomplete, and you will miss out on the heavenly feeling of wearing one, at least occasionally.

Dhakai Jamdani

As the name suggests, the Dhakai Jamdani is a Bengali Saree that originated in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. These sarees are made from light-weight fine muslin (a hand-woven smooth-textured cotton fabric).

Dhakai Jamdani Sarees are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Though the style of making the Dhakai Jamdani originated in Bengal, it incorporated the weaving styles of various countries, especially Persia and Iraq, from where Jamdani and muslin originated.

Jamdani comes in many amazing designs. These sarees were patronized by the rulers over centuries, especially Mughal emperors and warriors. They contain beautiful floral motifs that are intricately woven into the almost transparent muslin. This gives the Jamdani Sarees a heavenly look, which is cherished by women across the world. In fact, these sarees are counted among of the most precious fabrics in the world, since these are very difficult to produce. Each Jamdani is woven in a handloom and takes a long time to make. The process of weaving the motifs is also extremely laborious.

At present, Dhakai Jamdani is produced both in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Governments of both the countries are supporting the production to a great extent, which has prevented this weaving technique from getting lost.

If you are a connoisseur of sarees, then don’t miss out on picking one of these to complete your wardrobe.

The Garad

Garad literally means ”White” And the Sarees typically have a white or off-white body with a coloured border and pallu. The colours that are used in the border and pallu are many and you will most often find a colour that catches your eye. The colours that are most in demand are red and maroon, as these suit women of all ages, especially the younger ones.

These Sarees are high in demand women Bengal for their gorgeous look and exquisite textures. These Sarees are often considered to be sacred, and hence are highly suitable for wearing in various religious and festive occasions like Durga Puja and in weddings.

The Garad Saree is produced in Murshidabad district in West Bengal, which is known as the silk capital of India. The Sarees are made of undyed strands of silk which are woven closely together using specialised techniques which have been passed on to the present generation of weavers by their ancestors. The Sarees have a very fine texture and very often tiny paisley motifs (which look like twisted teardrops) are woven on the body of the Saree, thereby increasing the aesthetic elegance of the Saree exponentially.

Korial Tussar Silks

Korial Tussar, or simply Tussar or Tasar is a variety of silk sarees which is highly popular among Bengali women from across the world. These are highly reputed for their superb design and texture. These are produced in various natural colours and or unique in terms of their look and feel.

Tussar silk looks quite similar to the Garad Sarees but there are significant differences as well. The border of the Korial Tussar Silk is more densely woven, and the designs are more intense as compared to that of the Garad. Also unlike the Garad, the Korial Tussar Silks does not have any paisley motives woven on them and are often plain white or off-white in colour.

Like the Garad the Korial Tussar is also high in demand during the festive season women like to wear them during weddings as well. Pick up one for your wardrobe and I am sure that you will love wearing this beautiful Bengali Saree in many occasions where you would be able to spin a few heads with your elegance and charm.


The Baluchari is yet another world-famous Bengali Saree that portrays the traditions of India in the most unique ways. This Saree depicts various scenes from mythological stories and incidents which and intricately woven on the loose end (Pallu), border and the corner of the body of the Saree.

This saree originated more than two centuries ago in a small village called Baluchar in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal, and this technique of weaving this Bengali Saree has been passed through generations of designers and weavers. Presently the only place in the world where Baluchari is produced is Bishnupur and its surrounding areas in West Bengal.

In the yesteryears, these sarees were worn mainly by the ladies from well-to-do families. However, now these can now be bought by anyone who wants to try them out.

While the Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two literary works from which most of the mythological incidents and stories are printed on the pallu of the Baluchari, scenes from Hindu mythology, lotus buds and Persian style images are also used extensively.

The Baluchari sarees are generally woven in threads of one or two colours. There is a more exquisite version called the Meenakari Baluchari which includes a third colour to make the Saree more attractive. The brightest version is known as Swarnachari, which is made of a golden colour thread that makes it look gorgeous.

You can order these authentic Bengali Sarees from anywhere in the world through various online stores that sell varieties that range from Rs. 1000 onwards. If you want the best designs then they can easily cost you upwards of Rs. 10,000. If you live abroad and want to showcase the traditions and mythological works of India then this saree is a must buy for you.

Tant Sarees

Taant is another traditional Bengali Saree worn by most of the women in Bengal. These Sarees give the right mix of ethnic look and comfort that make this Sarees wearable in most occasions and at home as well.

Taant Sarees are made by the weavers of West Bengal, India and Bangladesh with cotton threads that make the sarees very light and comfortable. Women love to wear these Bengali Sarees during the summer and monsoon seasons when the weather is hot and humid.

The speciality of the Taant Saree is that it is characterized by a thick border and decorative pallu woven using typical floral and artistic motifs. Some of the common motifs used are bees, royal palace, flowers, stars and so on. The Sarees sport colourful design and the thick borders protect the Saree from tearing off due to daily wear.

Since these Sarees are made of cotton and used for daily wear the price of the Sarees are typically quite economical. The prices start from just rupees 350 to 400.

Which Bengali Saree fascinates you?

So which variety of Bengali Saree did you pick up? Let us know in the comments and post a picture of you wearing the Saree so that we can also appreciate your choice.

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