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Try GM Diet, A Very Effective Weight Loss Programme

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The GM or the General Motors diet was originally introduced by General Motors for its employees. It is one of the fastest ways of reducing your weight within just seven days. This very effective weight loss programme increases your metabolism which ensures that you burn more calories than you normally do. It detoxifies your body and gives your energy levels a boost.

The GM diet requires you to maintain a strict discipline for seven days. You have to eat certain prescribed meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and 6 to 10 glasses of water every day, during this period. This food that you will eat is easily available very pocket friendly.

When you follow other weight loss programs, often you need to eat much less than you normally would. This often causes problems for people who have to work throughout the day, or do physical activities. The best part about GM diet is that it will help you to lose weight, but will not keep you hungry. In this diet, there is an intake of ample fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat (lean, fat free meat and chicken), hence the person does not lose energy and also satiates his or her stomach.

The detailed diet chart:

Here is the day-wise diet for the 7-day regime that helps to reduce weight and boost your energy.

 Day 1:

This day will be spent in preparing your body for the regime that you will be following through the week.

Fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins and are rich in energy, and on this day you will have lots of these. You can have as many types of fruits that you wish to, especially lots of melons. It is best to avoid banana and avocado on the on this day.

Fruits that are rich in sugar increase the calorie intake and should be strictly avoided. The ideal fruits to have are watermelon, lemon, berries and other citrus fruits. Also, eat the fruits fresh, and avoid packaged juices

Do drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.

Day 2:

This is the calorie free day where you are having all kinds of fresh vegetables which are high in dietary fibre and minerals. You can eat as many portions of vegetable that you like. It is advisable to have a baked or boiled potato for a breakfast, maybe with a little butter. Potato contains complex carbohydrates that are essential for the body. You can also have carrot juice with a dash of lemon in it for breakfast. The essential part of this diet is that the ingredients need to be fresh.

Do remember to consume at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day to help remove the toxins from your body.

Day 3:

A combination of fruits and vegetables is the prescribed diet for day 3. You can have as many portions as you like. Avoid potatoes and bananas.

Day 4:

Bananas and milk are what you are going to have today. Eat at least 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk throughout the day.

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Day 5:

This is called the Feast day in the GM diet plan. You can start your breakfast with tomato soup and beef or chicken breasts. For lunch you may eat either a cup of brown rice with cottage cheese or paneer. You will also have to drink at least 4 glasses of water to help to detoxify your body.

Continue to consume ample water throughout the day.

Day 6:

This is again a feast day as you have a diet that includes both vegetables and chicken breasts in as many portions as you desire. You can include a variety of vegetables with beef or chicken breasts. Remember not to include potato in your diet. Consume 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day. In case you are hungry, and need to snack, you may have green vegetables in the morning. It is advisable to have chicken breasts or beef as snack in the afternoon.

Vegetarians can drink cabbage juice or carrot juice as a beverage. They can snack on brown rice and vegetables. Avoid tomato.

Day 7:

This is the last day of this effective weight loss programme. You can have vegetables fruits and rice, especially brown rice. Brown rice is rich in fibre and has starch which the body now needs.

Beef or chicken breasts should not be consumed on this day. You can have a small portions of fresh fruits that you were having in Day 1. Rice can be consumed during the lunch along with cooked vegetables. You can snack with strawberries, raisins and can drink fruit juice.

Remember to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.

But what about alcohol?

Only white wine and beer can be consumed in limited quantities every day throughout the week. Avoid all other types of alcohol like Vodka, Rum, etc. Even while having white wine, limit yourself to two drinks per day.

Indian version of this effective weight loss programme:

Some of the components of the diet chart might not be found easily in India. here is a slightly modified Indian version which our Indian audience can use.

The result:

By the end of this  effective weight loss programme, you will lose 5 – 8 Kgs (approx. 10 – 16 lbs) and feel slim and energetic. You will also be able to sleep better, and your self-esteem will get a boost. Your digestion will improve since the toxins have now been flushed out from your body.

You can repeat this effective weight loss program as many times as you want to lose more weight.

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