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The Ultimate Travel Packing List For Your Next Vacation

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The best way to relax from your hectic routines is to explore someplace at least once a year that you have never visited. But planning a vacation often becomes a headache when it comes to deciding your packing list.

Its always necessary to have a checklist of all the items you may need on your vacation. Heavy suitcases, oozing out toothpaste tubes, clothes hanging out of the suitcases etc are some of the common problems that you may often face while travelling.

You need to carry your luggage in different situations so packing light is the foremost thing that you need to take care of. When you are travelling to a distant location, a heavy suitcase is more likely to get damaged, or lost.

Here is the ultimate travel packing list for your next vacation:

1. Wheeled Backpack

Wheeled Backpack

When you are travelling, your luggage should be light, durable as well as spacious enough to carry all your essentials mentioned in your packing list. A convertible bag with two padded straps to carry it on your back as well as wheels to roll through your road would be the most convenient one. If you are travelling to a city with paved roads and sidewalks, wheels will help you carry your luggage at ease. In case there is a crowd of people or bumpy roads, you can easily pass through them if carrying your luggage on your back.

2. Toiletry


A trip to an unknown destination needs a lot of planning. Whether you travel on a train or by flight, your toiletry bag should be one of the priorities in your packing list. So don’t forget to include these essentials for travelling in your toiletry bag:

  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Hairbrush
  • Lotions, and gels
  • Shampoos and creams
  • A towel

  • Personal Hygiene products
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Plastic bags
  • Deodorants

3. First Aid Kit

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First aid kit

A first aid kit is the most important travelling essential in your packing list especially if you are travelling with kids or elderly people. A first aid box should include:

  • Plasters of various shapes and sizes
  • Bandages
  • Dettol or any antiseptic cream
  • Alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • Distilled water
  • Scissors

  • Sticky tapes
  • Painkillers
  • Paracetamol
  • Anti-allergic tablets
  • Skin rash creams

4. Carry-on Bag

Carry-on Bag

When you try to pack your headphones in your main luggage, often it gets tangled with your clothes and unwinding it becomes a hassle. For your small yet important things like these, a personal carry bag should be a must on your packing list. Carry a small bag that you will always be able to keep with you consisting of all your essentials like mobile, charger, headphones, camera. Snacks, water bottle, a cloth or handkerchief, a shawl or blanket, a travel pillow, books, maps, your money, cards, documents etc.

5. Ziplock Bags


It is very important to keep everything organized when you are travelling especially when you are carrying liquids or lotions that can ruin your clothes. Ziplock bags should definitely be a part of your packing list. Keeping things wrapped in the bags can help you prevent situations like those. Carry Ziplock bags of different sizes to pack all types of things like clothes, food, or even vegetables.

6. Clothes.


One of the most obvious things that you require to carry in your luggage is your clothes. Having a few extra pairs of clothes is never a bad idea in case you spill something and need a change. Your packing list should consist of lightweight and comfortable clothing. You have to also know the weather of the place you are visiting and carry appropriate clothes. A minimum of two pairs of comfortable and durable travelling shoes is also a must.

So what are your travelling essentials that you never forget to include in your packing list? Comment and share your tips with us.

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